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Natural Gas Futures NYMEX Prices 2021

Date Name
CM = 1st to 31st of month
OM = 26th to 25th of month
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Natural Gas Futures NYMEX Prices January, 2021

Jan 2021HENRY HUB CM$2.625
Jan 2021HENRY HUB OM$2.622

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Henry Hub Natural Gas

Price Quotation
Natural Gas Futures: Dollars and cents per MMBtu, for example, $2.035 per MMBtu.

Trading Days
CM represents the trading "Calendar Month" for the NYMEX Natural Gas Spot and runs from 1st day to the 31st day in the month of deliveries. Sometimes referenced as the "Cash Price" for the month of deliveries.

OM represents the trading "Operational Month" for the NYMEX Natural Gas Futures and runs typically from the 26th of the month to the 25th of the month prior to delivery month.

A comparison between the CM and the OM will reflect what was projected to happen in a given month (the OM) as compared to what the spot market actually returned (the CM) for each given month.

Sabine Pipe Line Co.ís Henry Hub in Louisiana. Seller is responsible for the movement of the gas through the Hub; the buyer, from the Hub. The Hub fee will be paid by seller.

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