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Governments and Associations

AADE - Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter
American Association of Drilling Engineers - Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter.

AADE - Houston Chapter
American Association of Drilling Engineers - Houston Chapter.

AADE - National Site
American Association of Drilling Engineers - National Site.

AADE - Permian Basin
American Association of Drilling Engineers - Permian Basin Chapter.

AAPG - Abilene Geological Society
Abilene Geological Society.

AAPG - Dallas Geological Society
Dallas Geological Society.

AAPG - East Texas Geological Association
Welcome to the East Texas Geological Association Website!.

AAPG - Fort Worth Geological Society
Fort Worth Geological Society.

AAPG - Graham Geological Society
Graham Geological Society.

AAPG - Houston Geological Society
Houston Geological Society.

AAPG - North Texas Geological Society
North Texas Geological Society.

AAPG - Roswell Geological Society
Roswell Geological Society.

AAPG - San Angelo Geological Society
San Angelo Geological Society.

AAPG - Southwest Section
The Southwest Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

AAPG - West Texas Geological Society
West Texas Geological Society.

AAPL - American Association of Professional Landmen
To promote the highest standards of performance for all land professionals, to advance their stature and to encourage sound stewardship of energy and mineral resources.

AAPL - East Texas Association of Petroleum Landmen
East Texas Association of Petroleum Landmen.

Adam Energy Forum
To provide members and guests with opportunities to meet and interact with others involved in oil and gas transactions and to create efficiencies through shared information and ideas.

ADAM Energy Forum
To provide members and guests with opportunities to meet and interact with others involved in oil and gas transactions and to create efficiencies through shared information and ideas. Dallas, Texas based.

American Gas Association
The American Gas Association represents 187 local energy utility companies that deliver natural gas to more than 52 million homes, businesses and industries throughout the United States.

API - American Petroleum Institute
Information for oil and natural gas professionals and policy makers.

API - American Petroleum Institute - Victoria Texas Chapter
Welcome to the Victoria Chapter of the American Petroleum Institute.

Chinese American International School
A Pre-K through 8th grade independent school located in San Francisco, CA.

COPAS of Corpus Christi
Council of Petroleum Accountants of Corpus Christi.

COPAS of Dallas
Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies, Dallas, Texas.

COPAS of Ft Worth
Petroleum Accountants Society of Fort Worth.

COPAS of High Plains
High Plains Petroleum Accountants Society.

COPAS of Houston
Petroleum Accountants Society of Houston.

COPAS of National
Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies National site.

COPAS of New Mexico
Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies of New Mexico.

Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies, Inc. (COPAS)
To provide a forum for discussing and solving the more difficult problems related to accounting for oil & gas.

Dallas Desk and Derrick Club
To promote the education and professional development of individuals employed in or affiliated with the petroleum, energy, and allied industries.

Dallas Energy Finance Discussion Group (DEFDG)
A forum for members to become aware of current financing alternatives and sources of capital, based in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Geological Society
Official website of the Dallas Geological Society.

Drilling Engineering Association (DEA)
To advance new technology related to drilling wells.

To provide a reference website for students who wish to take up economics degrees as their educational options. This website has data collected from various websites across the internet which have information which can be of vital importance for students looking for information on the internet.

El Paso Geological Society
El Paso Geological Society.

Gas Processors Association
An incorporated, non-profit trade association made up of approximately 105 corporate members, all of whom are engaged in the processing of natural gas into a merchantable pipeline gas, or in the manufacture, transportation, or further processing of liquid products from natural gas.

Gas Technology Institute
Dedicated to meeting the nation's current and future energy needs and environmental challenges by developing solutions for consumers, industry, and government.

Houston Association of Professional Landmen
Welcome to The Houston Association of Professional Landmen web site.

Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission
"IOGCC" organization of states which promotes conservation and efficient recovery of domestic oil and natural gas resources while protecting health, safety and the environment.

IPA - Institute of Petroleum Accounting
To carry out research and encourage others to carry out research in accounting, finance, taxation and economic problems of the extractive industries.

IPAA - Independent Petroleum Association of America
A national trade association headquartered in Washington, D.C. It serves as an informed voice for the exploration and production segment of the industry, and advocates its members' views before the U.S. Congress, the Administration and federal agencies.

IPACT - Independent Producers Alliance of Texas
Assists small oil and gas companies in Texas with consolidated services and operations.

Korean Petroleum Association
Korean association.

National Association of Royalty Owners - Texas
Association that represents the interests of owners of minerals and of royalty in Texas.

National Energy Marketers Association
National, non-profit trade association representing wholesale and retail marketers of energy, telecom and financial-related products, services, information and related technologies throughout the United States, Canada and the U.K.

National Petroleum Council (NPC)
Purpose of the NPC is solely to represent the views of the oil and natural gas industries in advising, informing, and making recommendations to the Secretary of Energy with respect to any matter relating to oil and natural gas.

National Royalty Association of Royalty Owners
National organization promoting the rights, responsibilities and the definitions of citizens that own the natural resources.

Natural Gas & Energy Association of Oklahoma (NGEAO)
To improve the skill and knowledge of the members of the association by providing a forum for the free interchange of ideas concerning the natural gas and energy industry and for the improvement of the service which this industry provides the public.

New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources
Conducts studies and disseminates information on geology, mineral and energy resources, water resources, geologic hazards, environmental problems, and extractive metallurgy.

New Mexico Energy Minerals and Natural Resources
Provide leadership in the protection, conservation, management and responsible use of New Mexico's natural resources.

New Mexico Oil Conservation Division
Regulates oil and gas and geothermal activity in New Mexico. Specifically it is charged with the responsibility of gathering oil and gas production data, permitting new wells, establishing pool rules and oil and gas allowables, issuing discharge permits, enforcing rules and regulations of the division, monitoring underground injection wells and insuring that abandoned wells are properly plugged and the land is responsibly restored.

New Mexico State Land Office
Responsible for administering the 9 million acres of surface land and 13 million acres of subsurface rights for the beneficiaries.

New Mexico Taxation and Revenue
New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department.

New Mexico Weather Stations
Maintain and service automated weather stations and data acquisition from automated weather stations for the State of New Mexico.

Nigeria Direct
Official Information Gateway of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

NMPP Energy
A nonprofit, member-owned organization providing electricity, natural gas and utility related services to nearly 200 member communities across seven Midwestern and mountain states.

North Texas Energy Council (NTEC)
A nonprofit, non partisan organization of professional and educational societies dedicated to serving the energy industry in North Texas.

Ohio Oil and Gas Association
Represents over 1,200 members who are independent crude oil and natural gas producers or related allied industries.

Permian Basin Petroleum Association (PBPA)
The voice of the Permian Basin oil and gas community, serving the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico.

Petroleum Research Atlantic Canada (PRAC)
Petroleum-related research and development throughout Atlantic Canada.

Professional Development Institute - Oil & Gas
For more than 30 years, PDI has provided the highest quality, most cost-effective education and industry information through a variety of on-site venues and public forums. University of North Texas affiliate.

SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Promotes the science of geophysics and the education of exploration geophysicists.

Shreveport Geological Society
Formal association of Shreveport, Louisiana geologists.

Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers
Specialists in the evaluation of petroleum and natural gas properties.

SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers Dallas
Society of Petroleum Engineers Dallas.

State Bar of Texas Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Law
Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Law of the State Bar of Texas.

Strategic Center for Natural Gas
DOE site.

Stripper Well Consortium (SWC)
Focused on the development, demonstration, and deployment of new technologies needed to improve the production performance of natural gas and petroleum stripper wells.

Texas Alliance of Energy Producers
One of the largest oil and gas trade associations in the nation. The Alliance brings together members in 233 cities and 17 states for the common purpose of protecting the oil and gas industry.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
"TCEQ" is the environmental agency for Texas.

Texas Comptroller
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Texas Comptroller Taxpayer Search
Search the Texas Comptroller records for all oil and gas taxpayers.

Texas Gas Association
Non-profit organization to provide education, training, and development to the energy industry.

Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association
"TIPRO" - promoting the interests and welfare of independent oil and gas operators, working interest owners, royalty owners, and those businesses who provide services for the energy industry.

Texas Land & Mineral Owners Association
A statewide advocacy association whose members are farmers, ranchers, and royalty owners.

Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission
Tool that makes Texas air permitting documents (correspondence and permits) available to users.

Texas Natural Resources Information System
Clearinghouse for maps, aerial photos, and digital natural resources data for Texas.

Texas Railroad Commission
The RRC has four regulatory divisions that oversee the Texas oil and gas industry, gas utilities, pipeline and rail safety, safety in the liquefied petroleum gas industry, and the surface mining of coal and uranium.

Texas Railroad Commission - Drilling Permits Search
Search for drilling permits issued in Texas.

Texas Railroad Commission - Field Search
Search for Texas oil and gas Fields.

Texas Railroad Commission - Operator Search
Search for all Texas oil and gas operators.

Texas Railroad Commission - Orphan Well Search
Orphaned wells are inactive non-compliant wells that have been inactive a minimum of 12 months and the responsible operator's Organizational Report (Form P-5) has been delinquent for greater than 12 months.

Texas Railroad Commission - W-1 Status
Search for Texas W-1 Permits and their status.

Texas Secretary of State
Web site for Texas Secretary of State.

Texas State Bar Oil & Gas Section
Dedicated to promoting the objectives of the State Bar of Texas by gathering, improving and analyzing existing laws related to oil, gas and energy resources.

Tres Compadres 20th Oilman's Invitational
Golf tournament - Texas.

U.S. DOE's Office of Fossil Energy
Made up of about 1000 scientists, engineers, technicians and administrative staff.

U.S. EIA Natural Gas Henry Hub Prices
Natural Gas Weekly Update.

U.S. Energy Information Administration (DOE)
Department of Energy Information site. Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government.

U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of natural gas, oil, and electricity.

U.S. Federal Government Statistics
The gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies.

U.S. Federal Stats
Gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies.

U.S. Geological Survey
United States Geologic Survey department.

U.S. Geological Survey Energy Resources
Scientific information and comprehensive analyses of oil, natural gas, and coal resources of the U.S. and the World.

U.S. House Representatives
Service will assist you by identifying your Congressperson in the U.S. House of Representatives and providing contact information.

U.S. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
Livermore has also become one of the world's premier scientific centers, where cutting-edge science and engineering in the interest of national security is used to break new ground in other areas of national importance, including energy, biomedicine, and environmental science.

U.S. Minerals Management Service
Federal agency that manages the nation's natural gas, oil and other mineral resources on the outer continental shelf.

U.S. President
Service will assist you by providing contact information for the President of the United States.

U.S. Senate
Service will assist you by identifying your Senator in the U.S. Senate and providing contact information.

U.S. Weather Satellite Current Image
Current satellite photo of U.S. weather systems.

University of Texas Lands
Search all University of Texas oil and gas land production.

Ute Tribal Enterprises
Ute Indian Tribe company.

Western Energy Institute (WEI)
Egional association serving the electric and gas industries, both public and private, throughout the Western United States and Canada.

Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA)
A non-profit trade association in the six western states of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

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